Monday, October 13, 2008

Helpful Goldfish Information

Caring for goldfish will be better if you have some basic goldfish information. Goldfish are favored pets for the sedative effect they have on their owners. They are colorful and strong characters. They are hardy pets and will need no grooming. Despite this some basic care should to be taken in keeping goldfish. Otherwise these pets would die in large numbers.
Using goldfish information if you take proper care for your goldfish they will live long, almost up to 30 years. Though household goldfish live only up to 8-10 years when they are kept in bowls, keeping them in large aquariums can prolong their life. It is essential that you have all the goldfish information (some of which are provided here) before you start your goldfish aquarium.
Goldfish do well in high and steady water. Each fully grown goldfish would require 20 liters of water to live. This is an important piece of goldfish information. Goldfish produce a large quantity of ammonia and nitrate that can be toxic to them. If the concentration of these toxins is high in the water they live they would die. Additionally, chlorine found in the tap water is toxic for them too. Goldfish information regarding maintaining cleanliness and freshness of the water in the aquarium is critical to their survival.
Next important information that helps in better goldfish keeping is the feeding habit of goldfish. The stomach is absent in the goldfish and they only have an intestinal tract. So they cannot store food and any extra food will be excreted as poop. Goldfish would eat throughout the day if you feed them. But it's not necessary to do so. They should be given four small meals. A good way of judging overfeeding is if the poop is the same as the foods you are giving then they are being overfed and not digesting the food.
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