Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interesting Goldfish Info

The stress reducing benefits of watching fishes are well documented. A fish aquarium is considered beneficial in calming the nerves of the aquarium owner. Therefore aquariums are increasingly becoming parts of homes. Of all the fishes goldfish assume importance because of their sheer brilliance of color and body shape.
Though fishes do not communicate like other pets goldfish rise up to the surface of the water when they see their owner. If this goldfish info is interesting, here is another one - goldfish live up to 30 years in proper conditions.
Goldfish are carps belonging to the Cyprinid family of fishes. Goldfish info about their origin states that they were found and bred by Chinese farmers nearly a thousand years ago. Goldfish info about their body colors and shapes is amusing.
Goldfish are found in many colors including: yellow, orange, black, brown, deep green, silver, and even blue. Some goldfish have upturned eyes, hood on their heads, and split fins. Round goldfish and goldfish having flowing fins are considered to be fancy.
A sensitive piece of goldfish info is that goldfish can live in very dirty waters but can die when made to live in water polluted with their own urine. They can tolerate any kind of dirt but not their own urine. Large quantity of water in the aquarium reduces the toxicity caused by their urine. Aquariums require regular cleaning and change of water for keeping goldfish properly.
Another piece of goldfish info states that chlorine contained in the tap water is toxic for goldfish and can kill them. So the tap water has to be treated to nullify the effect of chlorine. Normally half of aquarium water is changed at any time. Goldfish are light eaters and do not digest any kind of meat.
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