Monday, October 13, 2008

Choosing a Pet Goldfish

If you are looking for a perfect first pet for your child, you might want to consider pet goldfish. Not only are they easy to care for and hardy, but they will teach your child responsibility. Goldfish are colorful and fun to watch too.
If you are looking for a goldfish that is different, you might want to consider the moor goldfish. It is black in color, but should be put in with slower goldfish (such as the bulging eyed goldfish). The common goldfish are faster and will have a tendency to bully the moor goldfish.
Pet stores are great places to buy your pet goldfish. They can advise you on the care of your fish and help you to choose your fish and your tank. When choosing your fish, make sure to watch for smaller fish that are the same age in the tank and also fish who can't seem to swim to the bottom of the tank easily.
Even though your pet goldfish can be kept in a fishbowl, it is not ideal. If you want your new pets to survive longer, it is recommended that you buy an aquarium. Pet stores carry them, but if money is an issue, you can find them at local garage sales. A ten gallon tank is perfect for about five fish. It is important to have a good filtration system for your fish tank. Gravel in the bottom of the tank is not necessary. Food that is leftover can sometimes collect in the gravel and make your tank dirty.
The first time you fill your fish tank, it is a good idea to let the water sit at room temperature overnight. Doing this will allow the chlorine and harmful chemicals in the tank to dissipate before the fish are added.
Regular partial water changes will ensure the health of your pet goldfish. Don't let the water get so dirty that you have to change all of the water. Doing this can shock your fish and make it ill or even cause death.
Do not over feed your fish. Goldfish will eat as much as you will give them and it is not good for them. A good measure for this is to give only as much as your goldfish will consume in two to three minutes. Make sure you scoop up any excess flakes. This will keep the tank cleaner.
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