Thursday, November 6, 2008

Notes on Goldfish Breeding

Goldfish breeding is done with lot of care and attention. For breeding, the single tail type goldfish is advised for beginners. The types of goldfish that are sensitive at the time of pregnancy have to be avoided for goldfish breeding. The breeding should not simultaneously be taken up for more than two types of goldfish.

The prime age of a gold fish is three years for goldfish breeding. More number of fish is selected and set aside for breeding to compensate for some of the fish may die. The fish selected for breeding are fed small quantities of live feed avoiding dry feed for two months before the spawning.

The tank selected for goldfish breeding should be cleaned well. Germs free tank is recommended for breeding. The tank is advised to be dried after cleaning for two weeks. The tank is provided with good aeration and sufficient light. Natural plants and nylon wool are placed inside the tank for goldfish breeding.

The water temperature is raised 2 degrees per day until the ideal temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degree Centigrade). For successful breeding more males are kept. The ideal proportion is two males to one female for goldfish breeding. The female gold fish has a bigger and fuller abdomen; male goldfish develop white color breeding tubercles.

The male fish follows behind the female in the ritualistic spawning chase. The male pushes the female goldfish in her abdomen repeatedly. This takes place for few hours. The female goldfish releases eggs in batches. Goldfish at its prime release five hundred to one thousand eggs. The eggs are sprayed with milt by the male goldfish making them fertile at once.

The eggs are moved to another tank with water at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is about six inches to avoid the pressure for the fish fry. In four to seven days the goldfish eggs hatch. Being heavy, the fish fry sink to the bed of the tank. The feed for the first 24 hours is supplied from the full yoke sac of the fish fry. Fish fry swim up in search of food after 24 hours.

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