Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Clean a Small Fish Tank

This guide will walk you through cleaning your small fish tank or fish bowl.

Step1Rata Penuh
First you will want to pour most (about 3/4)of the water from your original fish tank, into your holding fish tank or container.
Now net your fish buddies out of the remaining water and move them over to the other fishtank.
You can pour the remaining water out, and you are free to clean the inside of the tank, but do not use anything with harsh chemicals, a simple wipe down with a clean towel should do fine, anything you may use from under the sink can leave residue and harm your fish!
Once your tank is clean, you can fill it back up with water about 2/3 the way and add your Fish Scale Treatment (treat water per instructions on bottle) and also add your Water Treatment(treat water per instructions on bottle), especially if you have county or city water rather than a well.
Now grab your bag, and fill with the original old water, and net your fish and put him in the bag as well, tie the bag off and put it in the new water (This will allow the fish to gradually get used to the new water temperature so you dont shock him by changing his water temp suddenly) You shouldnt have to leave him like that but about 2 hour or so, but it depends on the size of tank you have.
Once the water temperatures have had time to even out, you can free your fish from his bag prison, into his freshly cleaned home!