Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Care For Goldfish Like the Experts Do

Goldfish are renowned for their beauty and grace that they display when in aquarium. You just have to visit any pet shops to find varieties of this majestic fish available for sale. But how do you care for them? Are there any special needs for gold fish? This article will attempt to provide some answers to this question.

It is important that the quality of the water is well monitored because goldfish has a tendency to produce a lot of waste materials thus degrading water quality. A good filtration should therefore help to maintain water at an optimum level so as to care for the goldfish.

The aquarium should also be wide enough to allow the fishes to be at ease and also to provide space for the goldfish to grow. Some interesting facts about goldfish are that they can attain 40 to 50 cm in the wild. However in captivity this is rarely the case.

Goldfishes usually will prefer flakes as food but it is advised to give them pellets for food because it does not spoil the water quality. It is recommended to remove the excess pellets that fishes will not eat within a period of five minutes. These pellets will only dissolved in the water and degrade the water quality.

Goldfish are freshwater fishes that will thrive in temperature from 5 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Although goldfish might survive at temperature above 25 degrees it is recommended for the goldfish health that the temperature is kept within this range. This should also be the range if you are interested in goldfish breeding.

Keeping goldfish does not need to be a chore. If you know the basic tips about goldfish care this should be easy for you to maintain your goldfish in good shape and resist any upcoming goldfish illnes

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