Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater aquariums remain the most popular option for fish tanks. Although saltwater aquariums have a certain draw, fish enthusiasts and traditionalists tend to feel strongly about using freshwater in the environments that they build for the fish that they house. A freshwater fish tank can be easier to care for than a saltwater aquarium, and can also be more cost effective over time.

For beginners who are just buying their first fish tank and creating their first underwater environment, freshwater aquariums are the best bet. They are typically simpler to prepare for in terms of stocking up on supplies. In addition, the maintenance required on freshwater aquariums is typically far less time consuming than for saltwater environments. When you decide to introduce a freshwater fish tank into your own home, simply keep in mind a few basic considerations and you will successfully be able to set up and maintain your tank.

One of the most important components to choose for freshwater aquariums is the filter. Think of your fish tank as a miniature swimming pool. As with a swimming pool, the water in the tank has to be continuously filtered to guard against the infiltration of harmful substances that may either develop or be introduced remotely. Therefore, it is very important to choose a well-designed filter that will run continuously to keep the water pure and healthy for the fish that live in your freshwater aquarium.

Another important consideration for freshwater aquariums is the size and design of the tank itself. Remember that if you are a beginner, you will want to start smaller and truly learn how to provide ongoing care to a fish tank before moving to the larger and more extensive tanks. Consider choosing a simple rectangular or circular tank to get started with. You will then choose an appropriate filtration system based on the size tank - don't try to work in reverse and pick a filter before a tank or you'll end up with a mismatch.

Other supplies to consider for freshwater aquariums are the gravel that will line the bottom of the tank as well as any cute objects that will be used to create a tableau or design. When picking any object to add to a fish tank, ensure that it's waterproof, able to be sterilized, and will provide no threat to the water or the fish that live within it.

Once you have made all of these important decisions, it's time to set up your freshwater aquarium. Finding the appropriate place in your house can be a tough but important decision. Freshwater aquariums are often the focal point of a room, and so you should choose an area that is highly visible, yet outside of the normal traffic within the room to guard against any accidents that may harm the tank. Depending on the fish you choose to raise, consider the amount of light that the aquarium will get either naturally or through a tank light. And finally, have fun with your new tank - freshwater aquariums can make for a very enjoyable pastime. offers custom aquariums , fresh water aquariums and fish tank supplies.

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