Saturday, October 25, 2008

Knowledge to Have Before You Buy Goldfish

Knowing where to buy goldfish is important. Usually, your best bet is to buy goldfish in a store that specializes in fish. The store will be able to provide knowledge about how to care for your goldfish and their fish will have a tendency to be healthier. They will also be able to advise you on how often to feed goldfish.

Goldfish are usually easier to care for and are hardy. Their life span can be up to 25 years. If provided enough room, they can grow up to two feet in length. This is an inexpensive fish to buy, but there are varieties of the fancier goldfish that can cost up to $1000.

There are 125 types of goldfish available. They range from common to fancy varieties. The comet is the most common type. The shubunkin is blue and speckled in color and is straight tailed. They are both easy to care for and can grow quite large if enough space is provided. The bulging eyed goldfish is not a pretty fish, but is valuable to most breeders.

Fancy goldfish are usually smaller and have a rounder body and long fins. They are not as hardy and are susceptible to getting ill, especially with bacterial infections. Keeping the water in good shape will aid in keeping your fish healthy.

Common goldfish and fancy goldfish can be kept together, but it is not recommended. Since the straight-tailed fish can swim faster, they will often bully the fancy fish.

Watching for the following things will help you when you buy goldfish -

• The dorsal fins should be erect. If not, the fish may be sick.
• Don't buy the fish if they can't swim to the bottom of the tank easily.
• Compare size of the fish in the tank. They should be relatively the same size for the same age. Don't buy a fish that is smaller.
• When buying a bulging eyed fish, make sure that eyes are not too small or large. It can interfere with how they are able to swim later.
• If a fish is ill in a tank, don't buy from that tank, as that fish can pollute the water and cause the other fish to be ill.

When you buy goldfish, make sure to remember to keep a well-maintained tank. It will ensure the health of your fish. The size of the tank is important too. It is recommended that your tank be at least a 20 gallon tank. Use de-chlorinated water and a good filtration system. No gravel is needed for the tank. If goldfish are provided with an adequately sized tank that is maintained well, they can live seven to ten years and grow six to fourteen inches in length.

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