Friday, October 24, 2008

Goldfish Types - A Fish Keeper Guide

Variation in color, looks, and shapes of head differentiates Goldfish types. Some Goldfish have special eyes that are bulged or looking up. The fins' placement is a special feature that differentiates goldfish types. The shape of the tails helps in classification. Some have single tails while others have double tails and split tails. Fish like fantail goldfish have a very unique tail.

Goldfish of different varieties identified by a set of unique features are found elsewhere in the world. Goldfish types are sensitive to several factors. Hence the owner has to exude utmost care. Several groups exhibit different body lengths. Some fishes live in cold water, some live in warm water. Varying methods of breeding are followed for Goldfish types.

Comets Goldfish among several other varieties can live in extreme cold conditions. Some fish varieties live for 20 years. Some Goldfish types can be bred in fish tanks of aquarium but others need larger out door ponds in the garden. Goldfish in general discharge large amount of waste. The water purifying filter must have the filtering capacity of almost 10 times of the tank.

Regular maintenance and constant care is a prerequisite for goldfish of any variety. Certain gold fish types are extremely sensitive to pollution and can be termed as delicate for the understanding of the fish keepers. Not all the goldfish varieties can be bred by beginners though some are seen as beginners' fish.

Certain varieties such as Celestial Eye goldfish have to be handled with care. The Celestial Eye goldfish with bulging eyes and the pupil on surface has limitation in its vision. Goldfish types with limitation of vision should be grouped together for sustenance. Care should be taken on artificial decorations to avoid damage to fishes on movement. The bed of the tank should be prepared with large grained natural resources to help the goldfish to lay eggs for breeding.
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