Sunday, November 2, 2008

Learn All The Secrets About The Color Of Your Goldfish

The main colors that the modern goldfish are available in are: Bronze: These types have to be specially bred. Pink (albino): This is a type which is also a result of selective breeding. Wild type: These types of goldfish are more common and they slowly change their color as they grow, losing all the black pigments and becoming more of the ornamental type. 

The two main ornamental color types in goldfish can be classified as the: Metallic group: These type of goldfish can either be self-colored or red, orange, yellow, blue, brown and black, or even a combination of colors with a dash of silver and a splash of patterns. Metallic goldfish have scales that reflect thanks to what is called the guanine layer present in their skin and make their color look like gleaming, burnished metal. Calico group: The Calico type of goldfish can have different kinds of patterns of either reflective scales, matt scales because of the absence of the guanine layer in their skin and nacreous scales when the guanine layer is partly present. The common color effects of the goldfish with matt scales depending on the color pigments that are present are pink; blue and colors like violet, gray and brown. The ideal calico goldfish is believed to be the Shubunkin which is a combination of red over blue The Goldfish look and form The Goldfish might be common but there is hardly one average on the looks side! Apart from being available in different kinds of colors, Goldfish also have different types of body structures. These are the most common types of goldfish available according to their body type: 
Single-tailed: This kind of Goldfish have, as the name suggests, a single, short and sleek tail. They have a very slender body and are very hardy. Singletailed goldfish include the popular Comets, Commons and the Shubunkins.

Double-tailed: This kind of Goldfish are also slender but their tail fins are split giving it a fan like look. The double tailed variety includes the Wakins and the Jikins that usually come in white, red and white and orange.

Double Tailed with Dorsal Fin Goldfish: This type of Goldfish has a very egg shaped body with long doubled or short tail fins. These are hardy but more of the fancy kind of goldfish. Their midsections are larger than other goldfish and some of them have a head growth or a hump on the back. Some of common types of this variety are the Fantails, the Pearlscales, the Orandas, the Ryukins, the totally black Moors and the Telescopes.

Double Tailed with No Dorsal Fin goldfish: This type of Goldfish also have egg shaped bodies but no dorsal fins. Instead they have flowing fins like the rare Eggfish, head growths like the Lionheads and the exotic Celestials and Bubble Eyes.
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