Monday, October 27, 2008

How Fast Do Goldfish Grow

How fast do goldfish grow is a question on every ones mind. Goldfish growth really depends on certain factors that will influence how fast they will grow. Some factors that directly influence goldfish growth is:

1. How clean is the water for your Goldfish?
2. How big is the environment, goldfish bowl, goldfish aquarium or goldfish pond?
3. What kind of goldfish food are you feeding your fish?
4. The genetics (DNA) of the goldfish parents passed on to their offspring.

How fast do goldfish grow is really a tough question to answer really. As mentioned above these factors will influence the growth potential of your goldfish. For example the how clean your water is impacts how fast they will grow. If the water is too clear then lacks algae and food to feed on. Second if water quality is not kept up with proper maintenance causes stress on goldfish which may impact the goldfish desire to eat. If goldfish don't eat, they don't grow, therefore growing slower then normal.

The environment or home for your goldfish plays a big part on how fast goldfish will grow as well. For instance if you put a goldfish in a goldfish bowl it won't grow as much as it would if it were in an aquarium or garden pond. The environment plays a major part in goldfish growth. Goldfish will only grow to the size of their environment in which it can handle. Also the more space a goldfish has will help increase the size of your goldfish and won't stunt your goldfish from growing. When goldfish have big aquariums or tanks to grow in it will make less maintenance for you and much happier goldfish. Another reason goldfish grow faster in larger environments is there is more food readily available to eat. There is always food in an aquarium to eat for goldfish especially in ponds. Goldfish will grow fast due to abundance of algae to eat and also the live microscopic animals and insects to feed on. Goldfish basically have a buffet at anytime they want with the amount of food they will find to eat living in ponds. Goldfish will grow extremely fast as well if the water is green like pea soup or they are grown in mud ponds. You will see your goldfish grow fast.

The goldfish food that you feed them plays a part in their growth as well. If you want your goldfish to grow fast consider feeding them a wide variety of food. Also high growth food will help as well maximizing the growth of your goldfish. You can also feed them several times a day just make sure they eat all the goldfish food that you give them within 2 minutes other then that discard uneaten food as it will foul your water. Goldfish food will play a part in their growth as well.
So to really answer the question, "How Fast Do Goldfish Grow" really has too many factors to really answer. Also genetics plays a part in this as well. If you look at some people today some are skinny, some are large, medium, petite, tall and short. Everyone grows differently and the same goes for goldfish. For example I'm 6'4" while my parents are like 5'6" so I grew taller. Usually if you come from a tall family you will have tall kids which happens most times through DNA passed on to kids. So goldfish genetics and DNA sometimes will impact how fast goldfish grow as well. Really a question with no true answer but definitely things people can do to grow goldfish faster by doing several things. Biggest thing that will help grow your goldfish fast is give them the space they deserve don't confine goldfish to small tanks go bigger and you will have bigger goldfish.

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