Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goldfish Food

There are many different kinds of fish foods out there and many kinds of home foods that you can give to your fish. Some fish foods help with wen growth, while others help in the general growth of the fish. On this page I will try to explain the different foods and what they help with. Also I will show you the different home foods you can give your fish as treats.

1.Flake Fish Food

Flake fish foods come in many different types example for the growth of wens, color enhancer and other things. Flake fish foods can be a problem for some fish. When most people feed the flake fish food they will just place it in the tank, this will make the fish go to the top and when trying to get the fish food they gulp in air at the same time. For some fish this can cause swim bladder disorder. So if this food is good for you then a good tip is due, soak the fish food for at least 1 min then give it to the fish. This will cause the fish food to sink to the bottom and no air in the fish's stomach.

2. Pellet fish Food

Pellet fish foods come in many different types example for the growth of wens, color enhancer and other things.They also come in sinking (my favorite) and they floating kind. Pellet fish food should be soaked before giving them to the fish. When they are made they are compressed but there is air still in the food, just watch them when you place them in some water, you will see air bubbles coming out of the fish food. This is what is going into your fish and some fish cant handle this. I strongly suggest soaking any floating or sinking pellet fish foods for atleast 2 mins.

3. Frozen fish Food

Frozen fish foods come in all sorts of flavors and are a great treat for the fish. You should be careful when feeding them frozen fish foods, look for the ones that say bacterial free because they could cause problems if they hadn't been handled correctly. Most of them need to be soaked first for easy eating but some of them you can just drop in and let them nibble on the fish food as they thaw in the tank.

4. Gelatin fish Food

Gelatin fish foods are harder to find in most pet stores. Formula one and two foods made by Ocean Nutrition is a good one if you can find it. You can make it your self too if you have the time. Gelatin fish Food Make sure that when you are feeding it to your fish that you thaw it out in bowl of tank water and then crush in your hand as you drop it in your tank this makes it easier for the fish to eat it.

5. Home fish Foods

Some fish foods that you and I eat the fish can eat to for example: Romaine lettuce, Peas cooked, earthworms, eggs, cucumber, insect larvae, grapes,oranges, and spinach. This is just a short list of some of the foods. For more foods check out This list

6. Medicated fish Food

There are several medicated fish foods out there but I have found that two of them are the best for goldfish, these are only found on Goldfishconnection. They should only be used when a fish is very sick over using them can cause the parasite or bacteria to be resistant to the medication and your fish to remain sick.

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