Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goldfish The First Choice For Most of Us

Goldfish are one of those fish that even people who have no interest in aquariums will recognize. Of course the color is a giveaway, but they are just so popular that most people will be aware of them. Most of us have had a goldfish at some time or other. Not only are they nice fish, but they have great coloring and are really easy to keep. Goldfish were originally bred from Carp, probably in China. But these days they are a kind of Everyman's fish, with even those that would never dream of calling themselves fish enthusiasts keeping them.

The real contradiction is that not all Goldfish are actually gold. They have been bred for many years to have a wide variety of colors and are available in such distinctive colors as yellow, orange and white as well as a deep black. But of course the most popular is the real, traditional Goldfish. But even among the gold colored Goldfish there are great many different varieties.

The Wen variety for example has a much more elaborate back fin and a grander tail. The Dragon Eye Goldfish has very strange eyes that stick out from the head and there are many more variations. The egg variety has no back fin and also contains such species as the Bubble Eye. There are so many varieties to choose from that there be is sure to be something for everyone.

But Goldfish are not just for the aquarium, there are many varieties that are very hardy and can be kept in a pond for the whole year. One of the best types for this is the Japanese bred Shunbunkin variety. They are much stronger than most types of Goldfish and should survive happily in most outdoor situations.

There are many real enthusiasts for this humble little fish and they have their own dedicated societies in many localities. There are a lot of elaborate varieties to choose from, but many people who are not fish enthusiasts just like them for their simplicity. They are easy to keep and for the person that just wants a couple of fish and doesn't have a great deal of specialist knowledge they are ideal. Of course you still have to learn how to look after them well and clean and feed then regularly but if you get the basics right then Goldfish are the ideal fish for beginners.

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